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Having had over 5 years’ experience working in web design and development, I have now progressed these skills into UX/UI design after discovering my love for UI design and having a greater understanding of how users interact. I have a broad skill set including hi and low -fidelity wireframes, visual design, presenting to stakeholders, strategic planning and best practice recommendations from a usability / user experience perspective.

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Understanding the business objectives together with individual user requirements is of paramount importance. When you have determined these correctly, they become the foundation of your project and help you achieve successful outcomes from your design.



Creating both the look and feel of something is also crucial. You need to ensure that the product to be designed will be easily want to try and make sure what you are designing will be practical and functional for its end users, and that the combination of look and feel match the brand and work together effectively.



Although developers are excellent at their roles, experience proves that the best way to achieve successful results is to give as much information as possible to a team of developers. We need to work as a team so using a developer throughout these stages is very valuable to the project.


Ongoing project of the ecommerce site


Branding - Web Design - Mobile
Rebranding of an estate agency


App Development
Helping companies gain stronger connections


Redesign concept
Looking at transforming the current UI design


App Development
Creating a resturant finder app


Vancouver city competition


Randolph Faulcon
Specialist jewelers

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Ashton Reeves Estate Agents

Ashton Reeves are a local Bexley based estate agency focussing on delivering great customer service.

Having previously worked with Ashton Reeves they approached me to provide a new “fresh” look to their company. They were looking for something to set them apart from the ‘standard’ estate agent look, something that looked modern, clean and fresh and had the ability to function across all platforms.
From carefully analysing their target customers I was able to produce the design featured below. The aim was to achieve an appealing brand image which stood out from its competitors.

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Carpetright are Europe’s leading specialist flooring and bed retailer and therefore the opportunity to work on the platform project for their new site is a big responsibility. Although the design outlined below is not yet complete, it does portray the basic idea of the requirements for their new site. This project, which is still on going, involves a lot of UX input, as the customer is our top priority. Working as a team on the user journeys we have to pay great attention to every little detail. Again you can have the greatest of designs but does it work for the customer?

The site is an E-commerce site, which means it is a transactional site where customers can purchase products. The idea is to provide an easily accessible and straightforward customer journey to locate items and process a purchase. This is a challenging project and involves many hours working on successful designs.

The designs featured represent potential layouts for the new homepage of the Carpetright site. I am working on finalising these designs, working on product pages together with designing product calculators, blog pages and further aspects to this project.

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Facebook Concept

Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life.

This was a project I experimented with during my own time. I studied the current Facebook’s current design and examined designing something more inspirational with a modern smoother looking logo. As the current site only features one colour, I explored the options of adding a wider colour spectrum to the brand.

By having a Facebook account you are given a page on the site to put in your information but you cannot do much interns of making it more personal, at the same time there are sites that allow you to make it a page more personal but do not really look too great. So what I looked at was what I could change if I could to a profile page. What you see is below is a design that I would love to see work on Facebook. It looks clean and looks inspirational. Many people who have seen this design think that it could work and that it would be nice to see the site be more attractive and for it to be more personal to them as a user.

Upon registering for a Facebook account you are allocated a page to enter your information, but it is static in terms of personalisation. There are alternative social media sites that will allow you to transform your profile page into one with a more individual feel although these tend not to have a great aesthetic design. Therefore bearing this in mind I looked at designing a profile page with a new format, a far more personalised one.

The design featured looks sleek and inspirational. Feedback I have received on this suggest that this would be a more attractive page to use, more appealing and personalised.

Cymrin Technology Inc

Helping your business gain STRONGER connections

Cymrin Technology Inc. is a Toronto based company specialising in app development. They approached me to work on their branding with an open brief to devise a simple and modern design to represent their organisation. With this in mind I was successful in providing an accurate layout to match their requirements – simple, modern, effective and compelling.

Vancouver '14

Ashton Reeves are a local Estate Agency based in Bexley with a focus on delivering great customer service.

Having worked with Ashton reeves in the past they asked me to come up with a new “fresh” look to their company. What they were looking for was a look that would set them apart from the “standard” estate agent look. They wanted something that worked across platforms and something that looked modern, clean & fresh. By evaluating whom their customers are I was able to produce what you see below. The look is very clean and modern. The aim was to produce a brand that not only looked nice but a brand that stood out.

Munchies app

Resturant finder app coming soon